Share medical and health care information in really easy manner

About the project

The founders of the service believe healthcare can be improved and must be improved.They created WiggleMed to transform healthcare with better information.They are convinced patients must be at the center of health care. WiggleMed's vision is to empower, engage and equip patients and their caregivers with trusted and personalized health information.

Key features

  • Get the news about the latest technologies and products in a medical sphere.
  • Publish your own news in a few clicks via your Twitter account.
  • Use the application on your desktop as well as Android and iOS devices.


We started our work with the client from prototyping the idea. The tool we used for prototyping the web app was Mockingbird.

The tool we used for prototyping the mobile app was Balsamiq.

Case study

WiggleMed is the Pinterest for health-related information. Its technology uses social curation to help everyone become better informed, engaged and connected. 


We added here an integration with Twitter API and enabled upvoting features similar to Product Hunt or Reddit websites. 

We used Ruby on Rails for back-end and Angular.js for front-end to develop the service.

You can learn more about the service from the following video: Wigglemed


Ruby on Rails
Digital Ocean



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