How to Choose the Right Colour Scheme for Your Next Startup

Whatever they say, colour really matters
Thu Aug 17 2017

For some people, the choice of the colour scheme is one of the most exciting things, as it lets them use their creativity. For the others, on the contrary, the choice of the colour can turn into a nightmare.

Anyway, whatever type of person you belong to, you’ll need to spend many hours before you find the perfect colour. More to this, when making the choice you should remember that 85% of shoppers place the colour as the primary thing why they choose the product.  

So, let’s move forward and see what colour will be the best choice for your particular startup.

Red. Probably, one of the first brands with a red logo you’ll think of is CocaCola. Why did the creators of this brand choose the red colour? The answer is simple: red colour evokes strong emotions, encourages appetite and stimulates you for impulsive purchases.

The industries where the red colour will be the best choice are the industries connected to food and beverages, cars and technologies. So, if you’re going to launch your next startup in this sphere, you should definitely pay attention to this colour.

Yellow. This colour is perfect for reflecting warmth and cheerfulness. It stimulates mental activity and encourages communication. This is the type of the colour that immediately grabs your attention.

The yellow colour is actively used in energy, food and household goods segments. 


Orange. This is a type of colour that reflects warmth and enthusiasm. It’s a perfect colour for a Call-to-Action buttons, like Buy, Sell or Subscribe. Orange usually represents a cheerful and friendly brand.

Orange is actively used in technology and healthcare business.


Green. The green colour is associated with health and calmness. It conveys the sense of prosperity and optimism. The green colour is used in finance, food, household and technology segments.


Blue. It’s known as a cold colour that is mostly preferred by men. This colour is also known for curbing appetite. Blue is also one of the most frequently used colours in the offices.

Blues represents reliability, confidence, and security. The best industries to choose this colour are finance, airlines, and health. So, if you’re about launching your startup in a health industry, why not to pick blue?

Pink. Well, that’s the colour that doesn’t require much explanation. Pink is widely used in the industries that are targeting women and young girls.

If you’re going to launch a startup that is in such industry like fashion, for example, pink is one of the first variants that you should think of.

Purple. Purple is the sign of wealth, success, and wisdom. This colour is also associated with a luxury segment. Purple is often used in beauty and anti-aging products and well as the health segment.


Grey. This colour is associated with neutral emotions, something futuristic and logical.  It’s mostly preferred in luxury goods and technologies. Just remember what is the colour of logos that Apple or Tesla have. Yeah, right, it’s grey.


Well, of course, there are no any rules regarding what colour you should use if you’re launching in this or that industry. And while the “perfect” colour for your website doesn’t exist, you should always keep in mind your target audience, the type of your industry and whether it will appeal to your future customers.

However, the one thing that definitely can’t be denied is that the colour matters. Whether you believe in all these studies or not.

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