How to Find a Right Dev Team

Read 7 tips on how to find a dev team that will contribute to your success
Wed Mar 15 2017

To find a right developer can be as hard as to find the second half - it can take months or even years. But if in the case with a partner you can allow yourself to wait a little, when it comes to the dev team you should be more decisive.

There are lots of points to be considered before hiring a developer team. In this article, we will try to cast a light upon how to find the team that will contribute to your success.

Tip #1: Consider your budget

You should understand that if the company you want to address to charges, let’s say, about 40K for one app, and your budget is 6K maximum, it’s obvious that you are not a right match. Besides, expensive doesn’t always mean high quality. Famous IT companies charge extra payment just for their name. So, keep in mind that a team with a lower price range can be as good as an expensive one, but, at the same time, don’t believe those who promise you mountains of gold for nothing.

Tip #2: Check the team    

It doesn’t only mean: “Ok, Google, what do you know about X team?”. Your research must be much dipper:

  • Check the team’s LinkedIn profile: how active it is and how often it is updated, are the company’s employees connected to the page and how many are them.
  • Go to their GitHub account. How many developers they have there and how active they are. It’s also a plus if the company makes some commitment to the community.
  • Click through their web-site. It’s as easy as ABC: if the team doesn’t bother to make their own web-site in a decent way, they’ll hardly take your project seriously.
  • Get in touch with the team’s previous clients. Ask them if they are satisfied with their work and do they recommend it.
  • Look closely through their portfolio. Check some of the apps developed by them, are the apps user-friendly and do they work smoothly. That will help you see how your own final product will look like.

Tip #3: Keep in mind the technology stack

Of course, if you are a non-technical person, it’s hard for you to know exactly what technology is the best variant for your app. In that case, you should rely on the developers’ experience. However, when you ask the question “Why do you recommend, for instance, Ruby on Rails but not PHP for my app?” the developer should be able to explain you in a clear way why one platform is more preferable than the other. If their answer is simply: “Because we work with this platform” think twice before hiring them.

Moreover, once you’ve been advised a certain technology, don’t be lazy and make your own little research. Check if the technology isn’t too old or on the contrary a new one and thus quite unstable. Will it be easy for you to find other developers once you want to enlarge or change your team? There are lots of various resources where you can find this information but, perhaps, the most popular and credible one is

Tip #4: Let technical guys hire developers

If you already have a CTO or a dev team who are working on your startup and just want to extend it, let them interview the candidates. They know better what to pay their attention to and will ask the right questions.

One more important point is that while interviewing ask to talk not only to the manager but also to the developers that will be working on your project. It will help you understand what kind of people they are and what’s their attitude to the work.

Tip #5: Keep in mind the type of app you want to develop

It means that if you need, for instance, a social app, you’d better address to the team that has a hand-on experience in developing social apps rather than e-commerce, medical apps or whatever.

On the other hand, it’s not critical if the developers aren’t experienced in the approaches you need for your startup. Most companies are even excited when they face certain challenges and need to learn something new in order to complete the task. However, you must understand that if the developers are already familiar with the technology, they’ll be able to perform the task faster and give you some valuable advice.

Tip #6: In-house VS outsource team

Nowadays more and more startuppers choose to go along the outsource path. It gives you an opportunity to work with the companies not only from your own country but from the neighbouring countries or even with the companies from another part of the world. Outsource can help you save your money, what’s an important thing at the initial stage. For example, hiring a developer from Eastern Europe will cost you about 30$/h whereas the same work done by a developer from the USA will be up to 100$/h. You can learn more about the developer’s hourly rates following the link:

Anyway, when choosing what kind of team to hire, you should consider the advantages of both of them.

So, the obvious advantages of an in-house team is that:

  • it’s more suitable for long-term relations;
  • your team can devote all their time and effort solely to your project;
  • an essential information is less likely to get lost in translation;
  • when something emergent happens your project is their priority.

As for outsourcing, we can enumerate the following advantages:

  • outsource is less expensive than having an in-house team;
  • outsource can be a solution when the choice of the specialists in the sphere you are interested in is very limited in your own country;
  • a quality outsource company will have enough resource to start the development of your project right away;
  • with outsource company you won’t have to be distracted by making difficult technological decisions, everything will be solved by the manager of the project, therefore you’ll have more time to concentrate on your business goals;
  • outsourcing can make the working process more flexible.

So, it’s just up to you to choose what is the best variant for your business.

Tip #7: Look for an engagement  

When you come to the developers you already have the general vision of the project you want to get in the end. But that doesn’t mean that the developers should agree on everything you say. No doubts, that you will have the final word but they should be able to give you suggestions and advice on how to improve your idea. The dev team you hire should understand your business goals and help you reach them. If they take everything for granted, it’s a sign that they’ll remain passive during all the development process and all the initiative will come only from you.

One more point to be considered is the development process. A reliable, experienced team should already have their own proven approach. Once you start communicating with the manager, you should ask what tools they use for tracking task performance and in what way they’ll keep you up to date on how the project is going on, how they’ll organize the communication between you and the manager/developers, etc.

Following this 7 advice you will be able to find a decent team that will bring to you a high-quality product that you deserve.

You’ve found a team but not sure is they are exactly what you need? Go through our –°hecklist and see if you have made a right choice.

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