Why Is It a Good Idea to Visit Your Outsourcing Team?

The story of one fascinating meeting with our client
Wed Apr 05 2017

Outsourcing has eliminated all the boundaries between people and let the entrepreneurs hire developers from all over the world without leaving their office. However, nothing can substitute a real face to face communication, an evening glass of wine and a warm talk with your outsource team. It allows to see not only an avatar of a person in your Skype contact list but gives a feeling that you work with a real company, real people and on a real project.

That is why one of our clients Greg has recently come to Ukraine to meet with our team members, discuss the important issues and brainstorm together the ways to improve his startup.

We constantly encourage our clients to visit us and are ready to welcome them in our office or in any other ukrainian city they want to visit. This time the meeting point was Kiev.

It’s always very exciting to meet your client in person. At first, both parts feel uptight: you don’t know what to expect, what to talk about and how to behave. Basically, it feels like a first date and you try to make a good first impression.

That was exactly how we felt before meeting Greg in Kiev (the guys were more or less relaxed, but to calm the girls down we had to use a well-tested antidepressant - shopping ;) However, after just five minute’s talk with Greg we realized that all our worries were groundless. He turned out to be a great, friendly and extremely sociable man and at the end of the first day we all felt like we’d been working together for a long time.

During 2 days we’d been closely working on his startup, asking each other hundreds of questions, thinking hard on the most complex issues and highlighting the priorities.

No doubt, that for our guest it was a great experience to see different working environment, understand better the way we work and simply learn something new about another country and another culture.

For us, in return, it was an opportunity to meet with an entrepreneur from another business environment and with another business mindset.

At the end, we outlined the main milestones of our co-operation and agreed on our further work.

That was a positive experience for both sides and we hope that it’ll become a  tradition for our clients to come to us and work together on their project, at least for some time.
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