Why Your Next Startup Should Be in the Recruiting Sphere

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Mon Jul 10 2017
why-your-next-startup-should-be-in -the -recruiting-sphere

Well, you have a desire to launch a startup but still not sure what sphere it should touch? In this case, we highly recommend you to pay your attention to the recruiting sphere.

According to Bersin, the HR market is estimated to be worth 14$ billion. And a big part of it belongs to the recruiting software.

Nowadays, even the top companies like Google admit that they face difficulties in finding right professionals for their company. There already exist hundreds of startups that claim they’ve found a win-win solution to the hiring problem and have found the way to sort it out. However, there is still a room for improvement and, who knows, maybe your next startup could change the recruiting industry.

The list of recruiting startup is growing from year to year and many of them manage to raise a significant amount of money. Let’s take, for instance, Jobbio - an online job marketplace founded by Irish brothers Stephen and John Quinn. Jobbio raised a €5 million Series A funding round in September 2016 and will definitely continue to its growth.

So, if you finally have decided to launch your recruiting startup what should you do next? First of all, you should know what exact features must be included in it:

  • collecting resume from attachments - even if your system is quite sophisticated one there still should be an option of uploading resume files by the applicants. Thus you should have a comfortable system that will collect resumes from the attachments;

  • resume parsing - that’s the function that will enable your users to extract information about the applicant’s resume and manage it;

  • search within candidate’s profile - this function is useful as far as it will enable the companies to search within the candidate’s profile for any word or phrase;

  • applicant status tracking - it will enable to see on what stage of the hiring process every applicant is;

  • integrations and APIs - the system should be integrated with a number of mailing systems, calendars, hiring apps and CRMs, so that information could be automatically shared between the technologies;

  • centralized communication - it’s exactly the thing that makes hiring process easier. Due to it you can keep all the interaction with the candidate in one centralized place;

  • easy job posting - the goal of any recruiting software is to make the hiring process as simple as possible. Thus the companies should be able to post their job offers within few clicks.

Of course, the features listed above are only basic ones and you can or even should come up with some custom solutions that will be unique for your product.

However, we should say that here at Brocoders we’ve got an experience of building recruiting startups. If you want to learn more about it, please, visit our page dedicated to Recruiting Solutions. And we are waiting for you with your new recruiting startup!

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