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Health сare accessible for everyone

About the project

The platform allows its users to test their health state and identify the degree of risk that they have for Chronic Non-communicable Diseases (CNDs), such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases. Just in 20 minutes the user has an access to the test results. Based on them as well as on the questionnaire about the lifestyle, Plataforma Saude's algorithm generates the results that are shown in different colours: green, orange and red - that show how susceptible they are to CND diseases.

Key features

  • Quick identification of risk levels of chronic diseases.
  • Easy access to the results even in remote areas.
  • Platform helps to change the behavior related to healthcare by introducing preventive methodologies.
  • Store the medical history in the cloud and integrate it with other systems.

Case study

The user's workflow can be described in the following way:

At first, the user needs to choose wether they need to find the patient already registered in the system or register a new one.

In order to find an already registered patient, the user should submit the patient's personal data: an e-mail, social number, etc.

To register a new patient, the user should submit the participant's personal data: social security number, identity number, name, etc.

The next step is to fill in the form about their medical history, medication and family history.

Then the user submits the information about the participant's lifestyle and dietary habits.

In the next step it's necessary to fill in the gender information: men's / women's health.

Next, the user submits the information about patient's body composition.

After it's necessary to fill in the exam results: blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

When all the information has been filled in, the user should click on the menu "Health Indicators" and get the results regurding the information they've submitted previously. The results will be shown in the format of the circules of 3 different coulours: green - the rate is normal, orange - medium, red - high.

It's also possible to download the results in PDF-format.

We used Ruby on Rails for back-end and Angular.js for front-ent to develop the service.


Ruby on Rails

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