February 04, 2022

Andrey Konoplenko, CEO of Brocoders, Shares How Innovative and Client-Centric Approach is Leading His Business to Great Success

Andrey Konoplenko

CEO and Co-founder, Brocoders

9 minutes

It was almost a decade back in 2011 precisely, when two geeks started their journey of supporting startups and building their own world of innovative business with a user-centric approach in the process. The firm was named Brocoders and now it has emerged among the topmost IT service providers in the Ukraine.

Brocoders is recognized for delivering tailor-made software products all across the globe. Having a team of 80+ seasoned experts and having completed 100+ successful projects by far the company today has expanded its operations from Ukraine to Europe and the USA to solve the countless issues of startups and, more importantly, benefitting fast-growing tech companies with their extraordinary solutions.

In an interview with GoodFirms researcher Anna Stark, Andrey Konoplenko, the Co-Founder of Brocoders shares how he started and established their dream software development company with another Co-Founder Rodion Salnik. The duo also went on to establish three more startups and bagged several awards and achievements, globally, from recognized platforms for their diversified tech solutions.

Konoplenko also shared at length the job responsibilities of both the co-founders in the company to initiate and establish their business venture in the market. He observes that he is in charge of the business development and customer relationships, whereas Rodion is responsible for the development and project delivery.

As a sales and marketing expert, he collaborates with the sales and marketing department to ensure efficient working of the business teams while providing enough projects to the development crew. Simultaneously, he takes care of the service quality of the projects. He ensures transparency in the work projects and client communication process to retain maximum customer-oriented experience.The approach proved beneficial for the company’s future prospects and has helped them grow exponentially with primary focus on assisting the startups.

As Konoplenko shares, - “Earlier we were focused on creating side-projects and later on, headed towards the startup community. In this span of time, we learned much about doing technological business and keep up the pace.”,

Having gained a lot of knowledge and experience in business development and marketing, Konoplenko further shed light on a very significant real-life example that he experienced during his entrepreneurial journey, which could act as a guide for budding entrepreneurs. He recalls that he entered the IT outsourcing market in 2014. The market was already heating up and it took three complex years to find a suitable business partner then. That time, they had to develop MVPs for early-stage companies. They were approaching the startup business and studied how to monetize their services. Unfortunately, most of them were closed after a while. Nevertheless, the cooperation proved beneficial, because some recommended them to big enterprises.

In response to how they rate differently themselves from the competitors, he answered, “We follow a specific development lifecycle. At the first point, we focus on the key priorities of the client's project. Secondly, we iterate the process. We target smaller milestones to develop the core features of the product. We show the prototypes or demo of the product functions to the clients and decide on the changes needed. We allocate software engineers on the service product with relevant experience and give special attention towards scaling the product and accelerate the development speed matching the specifics of B2B SaaS companies. I think this approach will definitely help us to become the top software development company in Ukraine.”

A review given below is the best example to understand how Brocoders treats its clients and meets their needs well.


When questioned about their target industry, Konoplenko shared that the company targets SaaS industry. The main focus of the company remains on constructing MarTech digital services and products and provides SaaS and cloud-based solutions. He adds that his company mostly received requirements to build real-time applications such as fitness apps, inventory apps, and corporate management systems. Brocoders also differentiates its clients by technology as web-based and mobile applications, AI implementation, and Blockchain solutions.

Konoplenko clearly defines three types of services provided by Brocoders to its clients including product development, product team scaling, and product rebuild. The expert professionals and specialists in the team are React.js developers, Node.js developers, DevOps engineers, and UI/UX designers.

What Brocoders developers and services mean to their customers can be observed while going through a GoodFirms review given below.


Regarding the customer satisfaction rate of Brocoders, Konoplenko explained about situations where the wrong expectations created problems and how he went beyond his share of responsibilities to ensure that he did not lose a client. In this way, he gave another lesson to the budding entrepreneurs or startups as he shares,

Finding a compromise is the best way of successful collaboration.

However, proper synchronization of a UI/UX design quote, a software development estimate, and the information of the working process offered to the clients help the company to maintain a significant customer satisfaction rate. Instant messengers such as Slack, Skype, and Google Hangouts are used to respond to clients as per adequate immediacy.

Konoplenko affirmed usage of Pay per Milestone principle by the company to bill their clients. Mostly, the duration of the milestone lasts one month. The invoices contain complete features and hours spent for their delivery. The company pursues the Time and Material approach, so it is more natural to bill this way.

While asking whether he takes on the projects that meet the company’s budget requirements, he affirms they could take on the projects with a minimum of 80.000 USD. The price of the projects that they catered for in 2021 ranged between $80.000 and $250.000.

This is an extract of the interview of Andrey Konoplenko, the CEO of Brocoders, the detailed interview can be glanced at GoodFirms.

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