Proptech Software Development Services

Hire proptech software developers to audit your solution, solve existing technical problems, and move your project forward.

Fill the talent gap with the right expertise — at Brocoders, we've helped numerous companies in the real estate industry develop proptech software solutions. You can get our developers on board right away to help you reduce your technical debt and increase your team's efficiency.

In-house software engineers
Pre-vetted candidates in our database
Till the first interview with a potential candidate
Of our staff are senior developers
4 hours
Or more of shared work time
Start with a tech audit

We team up with a forward-looking businesses, no matter the growth stage

  • Funded early-stage startups

    Have an outstanding idea to revolutionize the proptech industry? It's time to transform it into a top-notch product. Our team has worked with promising proptech startups before, and we're fully equipped to support your vision from product discovery to market release.

  • Businesses looking to scale

    As your company scales, you may encounter some challenges, especially if the early tech choices are creating problems. But don't worry, we've got your back! Our team is here to help you tackle these problems and clear out any technical roadblocks that might be holding back your proptech solution's development.

  • Mature real estate enterprises expanding their market share

    When you find yourself overloaded with tasks, stretching your in-house team beyond its limits, it's time to consider expanding with some battle-tested engineers. And that's where Brocoders comes in. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to join forces with you. With our flexible resourcing, you can accelerate your product delivery and reduce overheads.

Keys to successful collaboration

Our services are designed to enhance remote cooperation and long-term relationships.

  • The team is exclusive to you and you manage it directly
  • Initial team size starting from 1 full stack developer, easy ramp up
  • All-inclusive fixed yearly rate equally divided into 12 payments
  • Account Manager assigned for business and financial matters
  • Product Owner or Tech Lead on your end will need to devote about 2-6h per iteration
  • Detailed communication plan prepared after cooperation kick-off
  • Our team members actively participate in code and design reviews
  • We take full responsibility for code quality

Our solutions to help overcome your proptech development challenges

With years of experience in running development teams and tackling various tech challenges, Brocoders is well-equipped to accelerate your project delivery and resolve any software-related issues.

  • Get rid of technical debt and boost software scalability

    Our experts will thoroughly evaluate your technology stack, code quality, and architecture, delivering recommendations and practical solutions to enhance performance, remove scalability bottlenecks, and future-proof your software.

  • Improve your team's productivity to accelerate delivery

    Through team performance audits, including 360-degree feedback and face-to-face interviews, we'll identify areas for improvement. Our team will fine-tune your processes to boost delivery and help you build a high-performance team.

Start with a tech audit

Our recent work

Learn about our recent proptech software development projects.

Don't gamble with your project. Hire a team with proven expertise in building proptech solutions

With hands-on experience in developing custom property management systems, our experts can seamlessly integrate into your project to enhance and speed up the delivery.

  • Resident & client portals
  • Electronic payments & accounting tools
  • Tenant screening
  • Electronic rental & leasing applications
  • Real estate CRM
  • Online maintenance ticketing
  • Property inspection tools
  • Property accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • Conversational AI chatbots
Start with a tech audit

What technologies are required for your project?

See our core tech stack below.

  • Backend

  • Frontend

  • Blockchain & AI

  • Cloud

  • Test automation

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Contact us to learn about our extensive tech stack.

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What our clients say about us


of candidates, proposed by outsourcing agencies, fail to meet client expectations

This is because 90%

of the candidates left on the "bench" are assigned to projects regardless of whether they truly match the client's requirements. We value your time so we start the project with a tech audit to make sure you get the right talent. Don’t spend days dealing with interviews. Let us do a tech audit of your solution and pick the top 3 candidates for you.

Start with a tech audit

Hire an expert team to build a property management solution

  • Maximize ROI with custom software
  • Improve customer satisfaction with user-centric design
  • Deliver high-performance software on time
  • Grow without bounds with an expert team by your side

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