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Let’s discover new points of differentiating your business! Brocoders will craft a health and wellness solution for a seamless yet meaningful experience for users. Activity tracking, data collection, health metrics prediction, and everything else that will make your customers’ fitness journey easier.

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Workout and exercise apps

Roll out personal trainer apps, logbook apps, and workout fitness apps with device sync. Help users to stay on top of their workout, perform exercises correctly, and track progress.

Nutrition apps

Allow users to count calories and macronutrients and find recipes to hit their healthy nutrition goals.

Activity tracking apps

Integrate activity trackers (e.g., phones, wearables like fitness bands and smartwatches, etc.) to run reports and analyze data.

Applications for fitness clubs

The app can serve as a pass, attendance record, communication platform, virtual trainer in the club, among other functions.

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Smart equipment apps

Monitor user activity with minimal entry actions - for example, use NFC technology on the fitness machine to record reps, sets, weight used, rest periods, etc.

Apps for disease management

Give the ability to manage and improve wellbeing, e.g., integrate exercise data with data on blood sugar and food intake for people with diabetes.

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Fitness app features

We have experience in building custom and complex features to enrich your fitness product

User profiles

User profiles

Unique insights into the customer’s wellbeing: skill level, objectives, medical history, and possible risks.

Integration with Health/Fitness Data providers

Integration with Health/Fitness Data providers

A hub bringing together official and informal health and data silos for advanced user experience.

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Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking

Easy-to-use tool to sync all workouts and day-to-day activities for personalized analytics.



Setting goals and managing them, creating routines, recording progress, and most importantly, being consistent.

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How we work

  • We'll go over:

    • Preliminary information on your app and business
    • Which service is ideal for your application
    • Who your point-of-contact will be
    • How long the integration will take
  • We'll conduct:

    • Research related to your app and business
    • An analysis of your competitors and target audience
    • An analysis of whether your app meets the API's requirements
  • During integration:

    • Software engineers and the project manager will get to work
    • We'll complete the development cycle
  • We want to make sure that the integration went smoothly! We'll:

    • Test interactions
    • Ensure code compliance with the API's requirements
    • Check performance, security, and functionality
  • Almost done! We will:

    • Upload the app to the app store(s)
    • Ensure the approval
  • It doesn't end there; after the app launches, we will:

    • Provide ongoing support
    • Conduct maintenance

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