Software Testing Services — Dedicated QA for Your Project

Hire our dedicated QA team for end-to-end software testing. We seamlessly integrate into your workflow ensuring smooth collaboration and predictable results.

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Hire an Expert QA Team for Comprehensive Software Testing

Manual, automated, functional, and non-functional – we handle all kinds of software testing. With our dedicated QA team, you can ensure comprehensive coverage for your product, save on your quality assurance budget, and speed up development.

  • Seasoned QA professionals
  • Seamless integration with your development workflow
  • Comprehensive test coverage
  • Mature testing methods and tools
  • Flexible testing team scaling
  • Pay only for the testing services you need
Hire our QA experts

“After working together for 4 months Brocoders is fully part of our team. The service delivered is of very high quality. The execution is quick and includes very close communication.”

Alexander Timper
CEO & Founder, AreaButler

For products in production and those in development

Whether your product is already in production or you're at the initial stages of product development, we offer tailored solutions to improve your software quality.

  • For products in production

    Our approach depends on the specific tasks we are hired for.

    If your product is already in the hands of users, our QA experts will perform thorough evaluations to identify potential issues, improve existing functionality, and enhance overall user satisfaction.

  • For products currently being built

    A framework for QA and test automation with the needed tools and processes.

    Develop your product with confidence. Our QA teams will work as part of your development process, implementing testing protocols to ensure a solid QA process for your product.

Hire our QA experts

Combined testing methods

We perform both manual and automated testing striking the right balance between these two approaches to deliver a cost-efficient testing strategy while ensuring robust quality, agility, and a faster time-to-market for your software products.

  • Efficiency & speed
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Improved feedback loops
  • Automated testing

    Accelerate your testing processes reducing time-to-market by automating repetitive and time-consuming test scenarios.

  • Manual testing

    Leverage human intuition to identify complex issues that automated tools might overlook, ensuring thorough testing.

Tailored expertise when you need it

Each project is unique, and testing needs may vary. Whether you require focused expertise in functional, performance, Unit, or API testing, we offer an on-demand testing team with the required expertise.

  • Functional testing

    Ensure that every feature of your software performs as intended. We'll help you identify functional issues, ensuring a seamless user experience.

  • Performance testing

    Improve your system's responsiveness under various conditions. Optimize performance to accommodate growing user loads.

  • Unit testing

    Validate the smallest units of your code to ensure they function correctly in isolation. Detect and fix bugs at an early stage, reducing the likelihood of issues.

  • API testing

    Ensure seamless communication between software components, validating their functionality, performance, and security.


“Working with such a professional team is a pleasure, nothing they could have done differently to make more effective results.”

Tarmo Maasel
Founder, Truck4goods

Transparent reports on KPIs for measurable success

We track changes, gather KPIs, and measure the success of our testing efforts, keeping you informed about the performance and quality metrics of your software, and the efficiency of our testing process.

A carousel with screenshots of the reports with the following KPIs: # of rollbacks, # of hotfixes, and # of regression bugs

  • Early issue identification

    By closely monitoring rollbacks, hotfixes, and bugs, we identify issues early in the development cycle, minimizing the impact on production.

  • Continuous improvement

    Data-driven testing insights enable us to continually refine our QA and testing strategies to enhance your overall software quality.

  • User satisfaction

    A lower number of bugs and regressions translates to a more stable and reliable user experience, boosting user satisfaction.

  • Resource optimization

    By addressing issues proactively, we optimize resources, reducing the need for reactive fixes which results in an efficient process.

How our QA and testing process works

Typically, we collaborate with product owners or QA leads within our clients' teams, tailoring our process to align with their distinct requirements. Below is a summary of our standard testing procedure:

  • 1. Requirements analysis

    Thoroughly examine feature requirements to establish a solid foundation for testing activities.

  • 2. Testing strategy definition

    Outline the overall approach to testing, incorporating manual and automated testing methodologies as needed.

  • 3. Testing scope definition

    Specify the functionality and scenarios to be covered to ensure a thorough evaluation of the system.

  • 4. Documentation of testing steps

    Develop detailed test cases and scripts, and formulate a test plan outlining the testing phases, cycles, and resource requirements.

  • 5. Test execution

    Execute the pre-defined test cases and scripts, ensuring meticulous validation of each feature.

  • 6. Test reports

    Generate detailed KPI-based test reports providing insights into test coverage, identified issues, and overall system stability.

  • 7. Retrospective analysis

    Evaluate the testing process and capture lessons learned to enhance future testing cycles and strategies.

Key deliverables

Our key deliverables are not just documents; they are strategic assets that empower your team with the information needed to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and ensure the delivery of high-quality software solutions.

  • Test strategy and test plan
  • Integrated suite of automated testing tools
  • Reusable automation test scripts
  • KPI-based test result reports

“Brocoders delivered a platform that received praise from users and increased the efficiency of several business processes. The product facilitates a reduction in production errors, which encourages happier customers.”

Greg Christian
CEO, Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners

Our software testing toolset

We choose technology stacks according to your project requirements. Explore the QA testing tools we employ for various testing purposes.

  • Automation testing tools

  • Performance testing tools