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We leverage the full potential of React.js to build highly competitive and scalable web and mobile solutions that help you hit your business targets easier and faster.

Why choose React.js?

A great number of clients opt for React.js to gain a competitive edge over their rivals, and here’s why:

  • It’s time-saving

    React.js allows for building innovative and cost-effective web and mobile apps in record-breaking time, thus reducing time-to-market. Besides, we can empower React.js code with a React Native framework to be able to create solutions for iOS and Android platforms at the same time.

  • It’s stable

    React.js is continuously evolving and is supported by a large community of engineers as well as numerous enterprises from around the globe, such as Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Netflix, to name a few. Backed by such a thriving ecosystem, your solution can stay highly competitive and relevant without a code rewriting.

  • It’s SEO-friendly

    React.js library eliminates multiple issues of the search engine when it comes to reading JavaScript-heavy apps. React is lightweight and runs in a hassle-free mode while effectively rendering pages from a server to a browser. Such a mechanism improves SEO algorithms, hence significantly increasing your traffic, conversations and CTR.

Our React.js expertise

We apply innovative technologies to develop impressive and highly engaging solutions that help you reach new frontiers and acquire new customers.

  • When it comes to building a social network, React.js provides a decent SPA-driven approach in order to exclude inefficient dynamic page updates. React JS helps us dramatically enhance the production speed and concentrate more on the development and the upgrading processes so that you can deliver improved user experience.

  • It’s vital to ensure that different APIs and elements of an e-commerce application are independent, so the most crucial benefit of React.js framework here lies within its component reusability feature. We can enhance the development time and save your budget since a single component can be re-used several times within one particular solution.

  • Ultimately, a SaaS-driven platform should consist of separate and independent modules that are easy to modify and scale. It’s the key reason why we opt for React.js framework for building SaaS-related solutions. That said, with React’s modularity architecture, we can break the app into small UI chunks to ensure better scalability and upgradability.

  • Thanks to a React.js reusability feature, there’s no need to reinvent and rewrite the components which once were built by other developers. Such an approach can turbo-boost the development speed and enhance time-to-market for startups. Furthermore, with React.js, we can develop flexible and highly scalable separate modules along with a smart-driven app architecture. It’s no wonder why companies like Airbnb, Lyft or Uber tend to opt for the React JS framework.

  • The screen of the dashboard or data-visualization requires continuous updates of components. But the updating might be a headache since a single update of just one component can affect others. React’s virtual DOM features, along with the full components isolation, make it possible to update or modify small blocks while avoiding any impact on the rest of the UI structure. Virtual DOM excludes failures and critical errors when an update is required, thus improving user experience.


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