We put our hearts.

Here, at Brocoders, we advantageously combine a top-quality service and a unique family atmosphere to foster a growth mindset of each employee and ensure the business success of each client.

The story of our company starts back in 2011 when the two tech geeks teamed up, driven by a challenging idea to support startups on their journey and help them transform a business world with innovative user-centric solutions.

Our client-oriented approach hasn’t changed a bit since then, but today we have a team of 70+ seasoned experts that have faced numerous milestones sharpening their skills and delivering awesome tailor-made software products.

We’ve expanded our digital footprint from Ukraine to Europe and the United States to face countless issues of startups and fast-growing tech companies across the globe.

We believe that the right software business partner can change everything through close and transparent collaboration, but we also trust in the importance of strong and stable relationships within the team.

Rodion Salnik

What is the key driving force that brings Brocoders to success?

As we can see from world practice, a team of professionals backed by a strong leader can move mountains, and it’s not just hollow words. We’ve managed to create a team of brilliant experts and leaders that make it possible for our company to grow and evolve.

Yulianna Kovalenko
Head of QA

What is Brocoders to you?

Brocoders is all about delivering flawless apps to customers and end-users.

Our QA team helps to develop stable products of top-quality to make our customers happy and satisfied.

Mila Sandrygailo

What is your main goal here in Brocoders?

I try to turn the office into the place where you want to come in the morning and don’t want to leave in the evening.

Brocoders is a dream workplace full of happy professionals and growing talents. I believe that satisfied employees can deliver truly remarkable and elegant solutions.

Anton Kushnir
Head of PM and BA

What are your core duties?

Our PM and BA teams help to deliver market-ready products in a cost-effective and timely manner. We also make sure that project management and product development process improvements, as well as best practices are implemented promptly.

Alexey Bratushka
Lead Devops Engineer

How would you describe a teamwork environment?

Working in Brocoders - is like being inside the team where you feel fulfilled by the end of the day.

I think that our moto should be “Work hard, learn how to focus and let’s see what the future holds for us.”

Yuliia Hlamazdina
Head of Marketing

Where do you see the company in a few years from now?

No matter how fast the company grows or how many customers we have, I genuinely believe that we must keep delivering first-class services to all who want to employ our team.

I'm truly proud of the experts that work at each product delivery stage, as well as I strive to ensure that our potential clients associate Brocoders with only high-quality web development.

Andrey Konoplenko

What’s so great about Brocoders?

I’m very proud of the highly efficient partnership model we successfully applied. Our clients can always come to our office and join the development process to look “behind the scenes”. Besides, you can call it a victory when they start to bring in their friends. I’m always eager to meet new partners and help them reach new frontiers.

Andrey Shelkovnikov
Head of development

What aspect is the most crucial for you when it comes to a working process?

I admire the professional spirit of the entire team, resulting in fascinating intracompany collaboration and enhanced working process.

Our development teams work in close collaboration with each other to optimize the tech solutions we provide and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Anna Kainova
Head of Sales

What makes Brocoders different from other companies?

Brocoders sticks to a customer-centricity mentality to provide solutions fully tailored to the client’s business goals.

I’m sure we will be a number 1 choice for software development in Ukraine one day.

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