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Having gone a long way from making side projects to global market solutions, we figured out how to arrange the development smooth and beneficial

Brocoders is a technical partner for building web-based and mobile app products. Should they be scaled-up or developed from scratch - we will manage with it.

Besides programming, our service includes user experience, graphic design and project management consultancies.

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Founding partners

Rodion Salnik & Andrey Konoplenko

Featured Projects:

  • Adact

    World’s leading MarTech software that allows the creation of fully customizable interactive experiences

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    Team7 specialists (PM, Designer, QA, Frontend, Backend, DevOps)
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  • HeyPractice

    AI-based Interactive learning platform for Sales and Marketing teams

    LocationUnited Kingdom
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    Team8 specialists (PM, QA, Fullstack, Frontend, Backend)
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  • Everypig

    AI-based tool for pig owners and veterinarians. It helps predict diseases and avoid financial risks

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    Team7 specialists (PM, QA, DevOps, Devs)
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  • Condogenie

    A real-time platform that enables communications between service companies and condo residents

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    Team5 specialists (PM, QA, Full stack dev, DevOps, UI designer)
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Get to know us better

  • Andrey Konoplenko



    What’s so great about Brocoders?

    I guess that the key is efficient collaboration. If you find a balance between team players with opposite mindsets and skills - you will lead your company to success.

  • Rodion Salnik



    What is the key driving force that brings Brocoders to success?

    As it comes from real world practice, a consolidated team could move mountains. I am so proud to say that my colleagues have done this many times :-) Good teamwork and agility is our response to upcoming challenges.

  • Artem Panasiuk

    Chief Delivery Officer


    How do you avoid stressful situations?

    When evaluating the project's scope and estimating its cost, I want to ensure that our delivery process is straightforward to our client. Sharing our experience helps to build trust and avoid misunderstandings in the future.

  • Bohdana Orel

    Chief Financial Officer


    What makes Brocoder different?

    We take care of the financial safety of our clients and make sure their expenses will be reasonable. To avoid overspending, we help determine priorities and keep focusing on them while building software products.

  • Mila Sandrygailo

    Chief People Officer


    What’s so great about Brocoders?

    Brocoders is not just a software development company. We are a community of talents, who leverage their proficiency working with other amazing people. I hope we will become a number 1 choice for software development in Ukraine one day.

  • Yuliia Hlamazdina

    Chief Marketing Officer


    What is so special about marketing in IT?

    The market of IT services is highly dynamic. It is challenging to compete with dozens of companies providing the same services. So, it motivates us to do research and update value propositions quite often.

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  • good firms
  • Upwork
  • outsourcing companies

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