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Hire a team of expert developers who know how to create edtech solutions.

At Brocoders, you get to work with e-learning software developers who have the mindset of a startup and the vision of a long-term partner. If you're creating an edtech product, you won't find a better team than Brocoders to develop it.

Build e-learning software that benefits customers

From LMS to workflow automation to self-learning apps – we've helped develop different types of e-learning software and know how to make your solution truly stand out.

Learning management systems (LMS)

  • Learning portal
  • Content creation/management
  • Live classes
  • Quizzes and contests
  • Gamification
  • Open AI integration
  • Scorm/xAPI compliance
  • White labeling

Workflow automation for schools and universities

  • Grade tracking
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Homework management
  • Communication tools
  • Event calendar
  • School announcements
  • Virtual assistant for students
  • Analytics

Self-learning applications

  • Activity dashboard
  • Assignments
  • Test builder
  • Survey builder
  • Gamification
  • Certification management
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Blended learning
  • Course management
  • Grading and assessment

How we add value to your e-learning app development

We provide highly-skilled developers in the shortest amount of time to augment your team,  support your existing product, or build new edtech software from scratch.

  • Designing features that delight users and keep them coming back
  • Building responsive and scalable front-end for your web solution
  • Integrating your product with OpenAI (ChatGPT) for automated feedback and test analysis
  • Making your LMS SCORM / xAPI compliant
  • Re-architecting your solution to improve scalability
  • Doing code audits to solve performance bottlenecks
  • Building an MVP of a new edtech product
  • Implementing new features for improved user engagement

Tell us about your product and current challenges and we’ll get back to you with our next steps.

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What our clients think

We're proud to have contributed to e-learning software development for some amazing startups.

Enhance your product with innovative digital learning solutions

We care about your project as much as you do and we want to see it thrive. That's why we're always exploring the latest digital learning tools and technologies that can enhance your product and make it more engaging, interactive, and effective for your learners.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Create AI-driven applications that streamline the learning process by providing automated feedback, analyzing test results, and delivering personalized instructions.

  • Gamification

    Incorporate gamification elements into your e-learning product by integrating pre-built templates for quizzes, games, raffles, competitions, and advent calendars.

  • Social learning

    Integrate online communities and platforms to enable learners to engage with peers and connected experts for insight exchange. Foster collaborative learning experiences.

  • Mobile learning

    Develop a mobile application to enable convenient access to courses and learning materials, allowing users to study on the go and access educational resources anytime and anywhere.

  • Live streaming

    Integrate live streaming technology into your LMS, enabling students to virtually connect and interact with their teachers and peers in real-time, and receive immediate feedback.

  • Data analytics

    Track learners' progress, assess their performance, and better understand their individual needs. Add analytical features to enable measurable learning outcomes.

Our recent work

Whether it's modernizing your e-learning application, adding AI, or gamification — we've got the technical expertise and capabilities to handle it all.

Support required e-learning standards

As an e-learning software development company, we have the know-how to help you implement the needed e-learning standards.

Build your e-learning app with a well-equipped team

Speed up your project with our fast team set-up and bring experienced LMS software developers. With a proven track record in creating successful online learning platforms, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding results. Plus, we have a startup mentality driven by our CTO, who co-founded an interactive case study platform.

  • Fast team set-up

    Node.js, React, React Native, Flutter, DevOps, cloud — it takes a few days to get an entire team up and running.

  • Experienced LMS software developers

    Our developers have played a key role in the creation and success of numerous online learning platforms and applications.

  • Expertise in gamification and AI

    Our team is skilled in creating engaging gamified experiences and seamlessly incorporating AI capabilities into e-learning projects.

  • Edtech product owners

    Our CTO is a co-founder of CASERS, an interactive case study platform that lets students practice their skills within actual companies.

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