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Why you should opt for Node.js

Scaling your business with Node.js is a piece of cake and here’s why

  • Reduced expenses and production time

    Based on a powerful and resource-efficient Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js allows for building real-time network applications at a record pace. On top of that, you save your budget since our Node.js experts can cover both the client-side and the server-side development, meaning you don’t have to hire additional teams.

  • Enhanced scalability and upgradability

    We leverage a single-threaded event loop mechanism to make all code executions asynchronous and non-blocking, thus dramatically boosting your solution’s scalability. Besides, you can integrate charge-free ready-made modules into your application to end up with a smoothly running functionality, thanks to an open-source ecosystem.

  • Streamlined performance

    Node.js is the best up-to-date option when it comes to handling massive input/output operations and concurrent requests. In fact, it’s one of the most efficient server-side frameworks that make your application operate at a lightweight speed, which by itself improves your business productivity and enhances user experience.

Solutions we can build with Node.js

Over the course of several years, Brocoders’ team has designed and developed multiple Node.js apps that proved to be feature-rich solutions, helping out our clients reshape their business environment and increase revenue.

  • The application streaming allows for downloading and installing only essential parts of the application on the device while the rest elements can be downloaded later on-demand. Since the data comes in through a stream, users can acquire early access to the software and process files while they’re still being uploaded. Once downloading is complete, the software can operate without a network connection. Thanks to its native stream API, Node.js can handle data streaming extremely efficiently while excluding the overloading of the server and the local computer.

  • Real-time chats are basically communication tools that enable a live exchange of messages, whether that be text, files, audio or video calls, to name a few. These can be divided into two major types: one-to-one chats or one-to-many group chats that are based on IM (instant messaging) or IRC (internet relay chat) technologies. The Node’s event-driven architecture in the WebSocket protocol is a decent solution here since it provides a powerful API and all fundamental components needed for creating real-time chats. Based on its functionality, Node.js allows for implementing server-side events and push notifications and makes the exchange of info between the client and the server highly fast.

  • A single-page application is a web app that runs inside a browser and fits into one page, which, in turn, provides the user experience similar to a desktop app. Node.js is a perfect solution for building SPAs thanks to its asynchronous architecture and non-blocking model that provides highly efficient handling of input/output workloads. Besides, a lot of single-page apps utilize JavaScript React, Angular and Meteor frameworks. Node.js is written in JavaScript as well so that developers can stick to the same data, structure and approaches on the server and the client-side, which enhances the compatibility and development time.

  • Due to a microservices architecture approach, the app is split into smaller modules that run the unique processes and exchange information with each other. Node.js framework is the best fit since it provides outstanding easy-to-use APIs to connect them. Besides, Node.js powered by Express and integrated with Docker tool ensures high flexibility of the modules and exclude any conflicts within the app ecosystem.

  • You can come up with a bunch of collaboration software available on the market nowadays, whether that be video and audio conferencing, viewing and editing of online documents, project management tools and so on. Since all these apps are real-time, Node.js is a perfect fit for building collaboration tools thanks to its asynchronous architecture and event-based API. In such a way, several users can edit one file at the same time while Node.js ensures the server is stable, and all the server-data is delivered back to the user with no delays.


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