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Our Node.js Expertise

Expand your in-house team with our software engineers or let us build a cross-functional dedicated team for you.

  • Streaming apps

    Optimize streaming content delivery to your users with the help of our Node.js developers. Leverage our expertise in building various streaming applications, including live video streaming platforms and music streaming services. Using Node.js, we allow users to download the core components first and access the rest software elements on-demand. Since the data is coming through a stream, we can process it in parallel during loading. With its streaming API, Node.js ensures efficient data streaming, reducing server and local computer overload.

  • Real-time chats

    Node.js, with its asynchronous and event-driven approach, is an excellent option for building real-time chats, which have become necessary for communication needs and business efficiency. Our Node.js developers specialize in building real-time chat apps to ensure seamless real-time communication and fast user response. We use a wide range of Node.js technologies and libraries to ensure reliable chat functionality: Socket.IO, Express.js, Redis, MongoDB, WebSockets, Pusher, Sails.js, Feather.js and others. We can combine and customize these technologies to meet the specific requirements of your real-time chat, messaging platform, live customer support or chatbots.

  • Complex SPA

    Employ our developers to handle Node.js as a backend for Single Page Applications (SPAs). With Node.js, you benefit from using a single language (JavaScript) for the entire project, the ability to share code and data structure between the frontend and backend apps, and the potential for server-side rendering. Furthermore, Node.js efficiently handles concurrent client requests and heavy input/output workloads. We have successfully implemented projects in various industries, such as Agritech, Martech, PropTech, EdTech, Fintech, Fitness & Healthcare, Ride-sharing, Foodtech, Events management, Recruting&HR, and E-commerce. We are proficient in integrating server-side logic with the client-side interface and deliver high-quality scalable complex SPAs.

  • Collaboration tools

    Real-time collaboration is a crucial feature of modern applications. Whether you need coworking apps, project management platforms, video/audio conferencing tools, or collaborative document editing solutions, our Node.js developers have the expertise to create robust real-time collaboration tools. Node.js is a correct fit for building collaboration tools due to its asynchronous architecture and event-based API. Collaboration apps generate multiple events and I/O requests at once, so Node.js utilizes the WebSockets and Event API to prevent server hang-ups, ensuring efficient real-time data delivery.

The type of work we get hired for

It doesn't matter what kind of product you're building. Brocoders can implement a project in any industry. Our main strengths lie within the fields of Agile product development, software engineering, and cloud architecture.

  • Web and mobile application development
  • User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) development
  • Single-Page Applications (SPAs) development
  • Integration with backend systems and APIs
  • Component-based development
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Hire Our Node.js Developers for Your Next Project

Engage Brocoders as your Node.js development partner. Get access to our skilled developers, assess their expertise with detailed CVs, and expand your team with remote specialists. Our Node.js developers deliver top-quality solutions tailored to your needs. We offer benefits of outsourcing that optimize your budget without compromising on quality.

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Why scale your team with our skilled Node.js Developers

Benefit from our expertise for cost-efficiency, faster results, and scalability. Our Node.js developers deliver scalable network solutions, including full-stack development, cross-platform mobile apps, and API development. Choose Brocoders as your professional and reliable partner.

  • Save time

    Scale your team with our Node.js developers and save precious time. Hiring local engineers in the USA typically takes 2 months on average. It can cause a significant delay for projects with tight deadlines. In Brocoders, we provide the right backend talent within just 7 days.

  • Be flexible

    Whether you need short-term or long-term support - hire our Node.js developers for the duration that suits your needs and eliminate the cost of full-time hiring. Feel free to extend your team whenever required and ensure project adaptability.

  • Pick out the best

    We want to choose the best fit for Node.js developers for your team. Let's start with a meeting to clarify project details and understand your unique requirements. Then we present you with qualified candidates, so you can personally vet and interview them. Select the perfect match for your project, and we will quickly assemble your efficient team.

  • Reduce costs

    Partnering with an outsourced company brings you the advantage of cost reduction. By hiring our Node.js developers, you eliminate the expenses for recruitment, staff training, office space, energy bills, software licenses, employee benefits, payroll increments, and logistical costs. You only pay for the actual work on a project basis.

  • Meet deadlines

    With our Node.js developers team, you can easily meet project deadlines. You can quickly hire and supervise employees to speed up the development process. Our developers are ready to start as soon as they join your team.

  • Meet Get your own team

    Our Node.js developers integrate with your team and ensure seamless collaboration throughout the development process. You communicate directly and manage the workload of each developer. We take care of all paperwork, team setup and payroll operations, allowing you to focus on efficient management.


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