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We empower your business with our custom-designed products and help you quickly enter the market, as well as get investment support thanks to our products’ innovative features that let you stay ahead of the curve.

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  • Passenger App Features

    Passengers can request a ride, get a fair cost calculation and view a trip history in their personal user account.

  • Web-Based Admin Panel

    Effectively run your ride-sharing business and manage all processes via the admin panel. Monitor core statistics, view the details of rides and registered users and get insightful reports.

  • Robust Security Ecosystem

    We design our products in compliance with the world-leading software development security standards to provide reliable protection against fraud and price-gouging.

  • Driver App Features

    Drivers can accept a ride request, share their trip with others in real-time, as well as schedule a future ride and find well-matched passengers.

  • Payment Systems Integration

    We integrate our solutions with your local payment systems to enable cashless transfers that make a trip more comfy and accessible for both drivers and passengers.

  • Route Selection and Tracking Tools

    We implement geo-location features and up-to-date GPS maps to provide the safety of the trips, as well as ensure optimal routes to the destination points while avoiding traffic jams.

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