Tackle Your Tech Skills Gap in the Shortest Time Possible

Get top tech talent with Brocoders ‒ we provide team augmentation services to strengthen your project with the required skill sets ‒ fast and effortlessly.

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  • 87In-house software engineers
  • 10000Candidates in our database
  • 5-7days
    To get an expert with the needed expertise
  • 94%Client satisfaction rate

Our solutions for your talent gap

Expand your in-house team with our software engineers or let us build a cross-functional dedicated team for you.

Hire top-notch software engineers to work alongside your team

From Node.js programmers to cloud engineers to blockchain pros – hire experienced software developers from Brocoders. Our engineering team can help you handle the increased workload, speed up delivery and improve your product quality. We’ll work closely with you to provide the best possible fit.


Need experts in technologies that are not listed here?

Let us know. With our extensive talent database and strong recruitment department, we can find candidates with any skill set.

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Get a complete “two-pizza” dedicated development team

Set up a manageable team to strike the right balance between software quality and delivery speed. We bring in the right people with different skill sets and strong experience in all the areas of software development from business analysis to testing and DevOps. The team will be perfectly coordinated and guided by a senior project manager.

  • business analysts

    Business analysts

  • ui Designers icon

    UI/UX designers

  • Web mobile Developers icon

    Web/mobile developers

  • qa Specialists icon

    QA specialists

  • devops Engineers icon

    DevOps engineers

  • project Managers icon

    Project managers

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Tell us about your product and current challenges and we’ll get back to you with our next steps.

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When we’re the best fit

If you find yourself in one of the situations described below, our staff augmentation service is exactly what you need.

  • Situation 1

    Lack of expertise

  • Situation 2

    Staffing shortage

  • Situation 3

    New priorities

You’re working on a new platform but lack developers with specific knowledge to take your project further. Plus, you are facing a tough time finding the right candidates. After all, it's not that easy to find people with relevant skill sets and the right attitude to build your product.


We'll put you in front of qualified candidates with the exact expertise you need when you need them. All you have to do is specify your requirements and free up time on your calendar to interview our selected candidates personally.

The type of work we get hired for

It doesn't matter what kind of product you're building. Brocoders can implement a project in any industry. Our main strengths lie within the fields of Agile product development, software engineering, and cloud architecture.

  • MVP development
  • Splitting monoliths into microservices
  • Cloud migration assistance
  • New functionality development
  • Long-term project development
  • Support and maintenance
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Start with a technical audit

We’ll review your app from a technical perspective and provide an actionable report from our senior developers on how to fix what needs fixing. This way you can evaluate our skills and decide whether you want to work together going forward.

download tech audit reportGet a tech audit

Why extend your team with our help

Expertise, cost-efficiency, and speed ‒ Brocoders offers all of these benefits. We're a reliable IT staff augmentation partner for technology companies.

  • Save time

    In the USA, it takes 60 days on average to hire engineers locally. Two months is a long time for projects with tight deadlines. Brocoders can get the right talent for you within 7 days.

  • Be flexible

    Short-term or long-term – you can hire developers for as long as you need them and cut the costs of making full-time hires. Also, you can extend your team whenever required.

  • Pick out the best

    Based on your requirements, we provide the most relevant candidates for you to review. You can do your own vetting and interview every candidate to make sure they fit your project.

  • Reduce costs

    With us, you eliminate the costs of recruitment, training, office space, software licenses, employee benefits, payroll increments, and logistical expenses. You only pay for actual work.

  • Meet deadlines

    By hiring fast and taking control of your staff, you can speed up your development process and meet the deadlines. Our developers will hit the ground running just as soon as they join your team.

  • Get your own team

    You know every developer, communicate with them directly and manage their work. We cover all paperwork, team setup, and payroll operations, and facilitate productive relationships.


  • good firms
  • Upwork
  • outsourcing companies
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Add our talent to your project, or let us do a tech audit to check your source code and get to the root of possible errors that might be affecting your system’s performance.

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