Brocoders Included in Clutch Coverage of Leading Web Developers

Clients say we deliver on Clutch
Fri Jul 28 2017

At Brocoders, we have years of web and app development experience under our belts. We love what we do and believe that every year we improve our skills and get better at delivering quality work for our clients. It’s not every day that we get to reflect on our growth as a company, but our recent feature on Clutch has given us the opportunity to appreciate just how far we’ve come.

Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. Their mission is to provide accurate and thorough third party reviews for service providers in the IT services and development industries. They also have coverage of agencies related to advertising, marketing, branding, and more, but their largest and most extensive coverage is of the world’s leading web and app developers.

Our profile on Clutch is listed amongst thousands of other development firms on their platform, making it no easy task to stand out as one of the best. For this reason, Brocoders could not be more excited that we’ve been included in their research and that we’ve been distinguished as one of the leading providers for web and app development in Ukraine.

To distinguish ourselves on their listing, Brocoders was evaluated for our market presence in the development space. From our established client base, to the list of services we offer, to the examples of projects we’ve completed on our website portfolio, our industry expertise in web development was put to the test.

Additionally, our ranking on Clutch is largely attributed to the reviews our clients have given us. To gather reviews on Clutch, their analysts speak directly with our clients in firsthand interviews that are designed to get a deeper and more personal understanding of our partnerships with them. It’s been so cool to receive such direct and positive feedback from our partners, it’s only motivated us to keep doing what we’re doing.

You can read the full reviews on our Clutch profile, but in the meantime, here’s a glimpse of what they’ve had to say so far:

The clients we work with aren’t just our clients, they’re also our friends. We could not be more appreciative of their willingness to speak to Clutch on our behalf and to continue selecting us as their provider for their development needs. We have full confidence that our presence on Clutch will only continue to rise as we continue growing and delivering quality work that both we, and our clients, can be proud of.

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