October 26, 2022

Brocoders received five perfect reviews on Clutch in Autumn

Yulya Glamazdina

Head of Marketing

9 minutes

Growing and improving would have been impossible without getting honest and objective feedback from our clients. That's why our team is honored each time when it receives a 5.0 review on Clutch.

This autumn is already fruitful for our team since we got 5 new reviews maintaining a perfect rating.

Here they are:

They went above and beyond in identifying potential problems and adding genuine value to the project. - Founder at Legal Company

Brocoders developed a SaaS platform for a legal company. The team conducted market research, provided advice on UI/UX designs, and implemented layouts.

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We would not have been able to deliver on our short timelines without them showing up for us in the way that they did.

Shrad Rao

Shrad Rao

CEO at Wagepoint Inc

Brocoders augments an engineering and QA team for a software company. We used React.js to provide a set of specific requirements to be passed on time.

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I was extremely satisfied and rate them 100%."

Patrick Kedziora

Patrick Kedziora

Founder & CEO at Boilingice

Brocoders developed an educational technology company's flagship platforms, including web and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Around 4–6 team members worked directly with the client for this engagement.

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The caliber of talent they have is impressive and something we haven't come across. - says the CTO of Tech company.

Brocoders serves as the primary development partner of a tech company, mainly focusing on backend development, API integration, and general maintenance. The team mainly utilizes Python, JavaScript, and Node.js.

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I had very great communication with the team

Rafal Dyrda

Rafal Dyrda

Founder at SaaS Company

Brocoders developed custom software for a SaaS company. The team utilized React.js and progressive web apps to meet all the client's requirements. They also handled continuous improvements and new features.

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