February 10, 2023

ChatGPT (GPT-3) for SaaS

Andrey Konoplenko

CEO and Co-founder, Brocoders

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AI and chatbots are all the rage now. It is a really fantastic technology even for technorati people. ChatGPT is a chatbot based on OpenAI GPT-3 language model, which allows users to interact with AI in a conversational format. ChatGPT is trained on a huge amount of text data and can generate humanlike texts based on the input given. It can answer questions, admit mistakes, and reject irrelevant requests. Users can register and test it for free.

There is some misunderstanding between ChatGPT and GPT-3 language models. GPT-3 and ChatGPT are both language models developed by OpenAI, but GPT-3 is a larger and more versatile model capable of handling a wide range of NLP tasks, while ChatGPT is a smaller, more specialized model designed for conversational language understanding and generation. GPT-3 is available via API, while ChatGPT is only available as a pre-trained model that can be fine-tuned for specific tasks. ChatGPT can be used for tasks such as:

  • chatbot development
  • customer service
  • dialogue generation

Both models have their own strengths and can be used for different purposes depending on the requirements of a particular task or project.

Benefits of Using ChatGPT (GPT3) in a SaaS

There are several benefits of using a ChatGPT in a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, including:

  • Improved Customer Support: By integrating a ChatGPT into a SaaS application, customers can receive instant support via a conversational interface, reducing the wait time for support and improving the overall customer experience.
  • Increased Efficiency: ChatGPT can handle a large number of requests simultaneously, which can significantly reduce the workload of support teams and increase the overall efficiency of the SaaS application.
  • Reduced Costs: By automating support tasks with a ChatGPT API, SaaS companies can reduce the costs associated with hiring and training support staff.
  • Personalization: ChatGPT can be trained to provide personalized support based on a customer's individual needs and preferences, resulting in a more satisfying customer experience.
  • Improved Accuracy: ChatGPT is trained on a large corpus of text, which means that it can provide accurate and relevant responses to customer inquiries.
  • 24/7 Availability: A ChatGPT API can be integrated into a SaaS application to provide 24/7 support, which can be particularly beneficial for customers located in different time zones.
  • Scalability: ChatGPT can be easily scaled to accommodate a growing number of customers, ensuring that the SaaS application can continue to provide effective support as the customer base grows.

Who is Already Use ChatGPT (GPT3) Functionality in Their Business

Several companies have already announced integration of GPT3 advanced conversational technology into their businesses.

Take a look at the fact that corporate giant Microsoft plans to use ChatGPT OpenAI technology in its Viva Sales application for customer relationships. The OpenAI product will generate email responses to clients. It will use data from customer records and Office email software to create text. The AI will create emails with personalized text, pricing, and promotions by processing this information.

Martech: Digital Analytics Platform

Glassbox, a digital experience analytics platform, has announced its integration with ChatGPT. This integration will allow users to obtain insights by conversing with ChatGPT in their native language. Glassbox aims to improve the accessibility of its data and insights to enhance the optimization of the customer journey and digital experience.

ChatGPT Integration Into WeChat, Alipay, and Baidu

WeTrade Group Inc., a global technology service provider, has announced plans to research the use of ChatGPT-style technologies. The company intends to launch a demo product similar to ChatGPT, combining OpenAI's content-generating technology with YCloud, and integrating it into various platforms like WeChat, Alipay, and Baidu to improve user services and the interactive experience. As a provider that works closely with China's leading internet companies, WeTrade Group will also incorporate AI technology into its product line and support the implementation and promotion of ChatGPT-like products.

Service Desk Solutions

Rezolve.ai, a California-based provider of modern employee service desk solutions, has integrated with ChatGPT, OpenAI's advanced chatbot technology. This integration will boost the capabilities of Rezolve.ai's service desk agents, enabling them to offer AI-powered support and enhance the overall employee experience. By integrating with ChatGPT, Rezolve.ai is training its chatbot to become a conversational expert.

With the addition of ChatGPT's functionality, Rezolve.ai can now resolve issues or create tickets more efficiently by asking for additional information and providing personalized solutions. Saurabh Kumar, CEO of Rezolve.ai, announced this major update on Tuesday, stating that the new ChatGPT feature will revolutionize the employee service desk industry.

Microsoft Announces New Bing and Edge Browser Powered by Upgraded ChatGPT AI

Microsoft says it’s using conversational AI to create a new way to browse the web. Users will be able to chat to Bing like ChatGPT, asking questions and receiving answers in natural language.

Have to say that even Google made headlines with its announcements at the Google Live from Paris event, despite the buzz around Microsoft's news. The company's popular AI-powered "multisearch" has now been launched globally. This innovative feature combines text and images in a single query, and there's also a variation specifically for local business searches.

AI technology is rapidly growing and becoming more widespread, and it is likely to continue to be a major trend in the near future. For companies, adopting AI technology and integrating it into their businesses can help them stay competitive and improve their operations.

How to Integrate GPT3 Functionality Into SaaS

Open AI API is an API that provides access to the OpenAI GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) language model. The API allows developers to integrate the powerful natural language processing capabilities of GPT-3 into business applications, enabling a wide range of conversational AI use cases.

With the GPT3 API, developers can build applications that can understand and respond to natural language inputs from users in a conversational manner. For example, the API can be used to build chatbots for customer support, personal assistants for scheduling and task management, and virtual writing assistants for content creation.

The API is designed to be easy to use, with simple API calls that allow developers to send text inputs to the API and receive text outputs in response. The API is highly customizable, allowing developers to fine-tune the behavior of the GPT-3 model to suit their specific needs.

The cost of using the GPT3 API depends on a variety of factors, including the specific use case, the volume of requests, and the level of support required. OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has a tiered pricing structure for its API, which starts at a certain monthly fee for a certain number of API requests. Additional requests beyond the monthly limit are charged at a certain rate per request.

Overcoming Personnel Challenges to Maximize the Potential of GPT-3

SaaS businesses are looking for new technologies and need talented developers to implement them to stay competitive. Regarding advanced technologies like GPT-3, finding the right people can be a real challenge. This is where GPT-3 developers come in. Instead of wasting time and resources on finding and attracting new developers, companies can contact an outsourcing IT company specializing in software development with experts and case studies in this area.

Companies with small tasks might turn to a freelance platform. As an example, Toptal is a marketplace for connecting with skilled professionals. They select and offer some freelance GPT-3 developers. Each developer undergoes a thorough check and has a guarantee of the quality of work. This option for searching human resources allows businesses to quickly find and attract qualified people to work on their mission-critical AI projects.

Our company, Brocoders, offers generative AI and СhatGPT integration for various businesses, including SaaS products. Working with a reliable technical partner, companies can be sure that the work will be completed on time and with a high level of professionalism.

Whether a company or startup needs to develop a chatbot, automate customer support, or expand its data analytics capabilities, working with third-party GPT-3 developers can provide the necessary expertise to achieve its AI development goals.

Chat with GPT-3 for SaaS: Some Common Use Cases

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Like any business, SaaS companies are interested in good profit. Therefore, they are trying new tools to accelerate the growth in product output. So, in what spheres AI chatbot platforms are beneficial for SaaS companies? Let's consider some popular options.

Content Marketing for SaaS and Their Clients

  • ChatPGT has become a tool that generates texts. Whether it's email marketing content or a script for video or audio. The AI will also suggest topics to create a post thread on Linkedin or Twitter.
  • It is also a tool to create content for your existing clients. If you have a SaaS application where your client needs to write something, the AI can create multiple sentences, and the client can turn them into a summary or social media content. This opportunity is sure to earn you customer points.

SaaS Sales

  • GPT-3 technology helps to prepare draft cold outreach emails and cold Linkedin outreach to find new customers.
  • AI models may also create a personalized draft email based on info about a person from your internal database according to the needed template. It will save a lot of time for your team.

Customer Service

  • Help desks use AI chatbots for common customer conversation scenarios. You may train ChatPGT with your own data. Then it will generate text that imitates a dialog with a customer, providing him with appropriate assistance. ChatGPT is an amazing support tool for companies with live chats, phone support or email support.

AI Powered Chatbots: Some Additional Ideas For SaaS

Now let's look at what more opportunities ChatGPT gives SaaS companies. When they may use it. Here are more variants.

  • Customer knowledge base as a service. This will allow you to create an internal database of knowledge to answer questions about your product. AI can aggregate all video transcripts, podcasts, conference speeches, publications or posts on social networks in one corpus. It puts the knowledge of many specialists of your company in one place and gives it an easy chat interface.
  • ChatGPT as your ghostwriter. It comes in handy when you need to convert spoken language into written language and reformulate a speech text into what you need, let's say, a book paragraph, essay or paper.
  • ChatGPT is a tool that writes domain-specific code. It can write code and build less buggy software, making your company's performance more productive.
  • ChatGPT as a feedback aggregator. Chat with GPT-3 can absorb a lot of feedback data and requests: support emails, voting boards, forums, and Facebook discussions. In today's corporate world, knowing what customers are asking for and what features we should build next is important. Based on the analysis of data about the requests and interests of customers, companies often make decisions.
  • ChatGPT as a tool to proceed with sales calls. With AI abilities, you may look across all the transcripts from all sales calls. It may show salespeople how to improve their pitches, find best practices, and learn new sales techniques.

The utilization of ChatGPT and GPT-3 technologies is beneficial for different types of SaaS companies. It is suitable for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, Accounting Software, Project Management Software, CMS, and e-commerce platforms.

OPENAI for Proptech SaaS Solution: How Brocoders integrated GPT3 Technology into AreaButler

Brocoders has successful experience with OpenAI integration. We integrated GPT3 technology for one of our clients, the german start-up company KuDiBa with their first product AreaButler.

Their SaaS solution is innovative for real estate sales and marketing. It analyzes the property environment and presents it in interactive maps in a personalized way.

They help people to find the right property and back up potential buyers with visualization and facts about a specific location. Their clients are brokers, real estate consultants, appraisers and building companies.


Features we made based on GPT-3 only empowered this superb project. AreaButler decided to apply the most powerful language model. This technology allows:

  • automatically generate text descriptions of locations, which is attractive to buyers;
  • create a promotional brochure for an estate object;
  • get a combined description of both the location and the property object;
  • convert some text from a formal style to a more informal one;
  • ask the AI a question on a general topic that you are interested in.

The user enters request parameters in the application form to analyze and present a residential area or object. AI processes the request and provides the necessary information with a description of the location's infrastructure. It also considers the actual availability of the object.


As we mentioned, the client can ask the AI general theme questions.


Tech Stack we used

  • React;
  • NestJs;
  • MongoDB.

Now GPT technology is available for AreaButler customers, mostly real estate market participants. AI also uses all details they have stored in CRM, maximizing the potential of internal resources. We are currently working on an advanced modal to boost AreaButler sales. We're enhancing a truly excellent real estate product with AreaButler's expertise in data analytics, marketing and technology and Brocoders' software development expertise.

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