Deadly Mistakes That Can Kill Your Website

Learn about the most common website errors
Thu Jul 27 2017

They say that people learn better from their own mistakes. However, some mistakes are better to avoid. Especially when they are closely connected to your business. Nowadays, almost any business can be found online: from a massage studio to airline tickets. And, probably, you’ve noticed that while some sites flourish and bring customers to the business, the others do quite the opposite thing - kill all your efforts and make the clients leave.

So, today we want to tell you about the most common website mistakes that even professionals make.

#1: Your site isn’t mobile friendly

The truth is that according to the research American adult spends 2 hours 51 minutes on their smartphones every day. We use our mobile devices everywhere: while we go to work, while doing shopping and even eating. That’s why optimizing your website for the mobile devices should be your top priority. When the user sees how ugly your site looks on their mobile, the chances that they’ll return to your website on PC are rather low.

#2: No social media integration

You may not recognize it but almost any person has his own account in, at least, one social network. If the content on your site is interesting and valuable people will want to share it. So, make sure that the visitors will be able to do this within a few clicks.

#3: Not clear CTA

When you create a site you clearly understand what you want your visitors to do. And in most cases you want them to buy the product or the service from you. If you create a clear Call-to-action the conversion on your site can grow twice or even more. Opposite to this, if the user doesn’t understand what he needs to do next, he’ll leave your website and will never return again.

In the article written in Hubspot “31 Call-to-Action Examples and You Can’t Help but Click” you can see the best examples of the CTAs that really work.

#4: Lack of the navigation bar

The pace of life is so fast that we want everything to be done within a few seconds. That’s why the users want to be able to reach any information that they need in several clicks. The website that makes its users return to the Home page every time they want to go to another page isn’t user-friendly. It makes the work less comfortable and, let’s tell the truth, simply irritates. So, the next time you make your site, don’t forget to add the menu bar to every page.

#5: Poor speed of the site

According to the article published in Kissmetrics “How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line” 47% of users expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less. The times when we were ready to wait for a long time have gone. Now, you have only up to 30 seconds to interest the potential customer or lose him forever. So, don’t make him spend those priceless seconds for waiting till you webpage loads.

Here is the list of the tools that you can use to check your website loading time:

#6: Outdated information and broken links

It seems obvious that the information that you keep on your site should be actual and tell about the real state of your product. But, strangely enough, many people just forget to update the information. Even the most important one, like contacts, pricing plan, etc. This is the kind of mistake that serious businesses just can’t afford to make.

Another common problem for almost any kind of the website is broken links. Of course, it’s not critical and any website can face it. However, the less you have them, the more professional your site looks. And remember one thing: if the users inform you about the broken link they found or any other drawback, the faster you react, the better result you’ll get.

#7: Too many styles and colours and poor quality images

Of course, designing of the website is a very creative process. However, the users need not only to be impressed by the look of your site (it’s important as well, thought) but, firstly, your site should be informative. So, don’t try to put there all the beautiful images you’ll find on the Net and all the pretty fonts that you’ll see. It’s considered that using more than 3 fonts on the website makes it look unstructured and unprofessional.

Learning from your own mistakes is the most valuable experience that you can get. However, learning from the others is less expensive. We hope that you’ll avoid the mistakes mentioned above while creating your website. If you have your own experience, please, share it with us in the comments.

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