How to Promote Your Startup with a Limited Budget

Learn about 8 powerful ways to market your startup that will save you a fortune
Thu Jun 15 2017

To launch a startup is definitely a great deal. However, even if you have a revolutionary idea, it doesn’t mean that the customers will come to you naturally. What is essential, it’s to have a successful marketing campaign.

But the truth is that the most of the startups cannot afford themselves to spend much money on marketing. Though, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Today we want to share with you the well-tested ways of promoting your startup that won’t require much cash.

#1: Use social media

Perhaps the most popular way to promote your startup is social media. You can hardly find a person that isn’t registered at least in one network. That means that using these platforms you get an access to a vast amount of people.

The key point is that there is no need to use all social networks that you can find. Before picking the resource, think whether your target audience is present there. For example, if you’re launching an e-commerce web-site that specializes in selling outfit, you can hardly find a better platform than Instagram. However, if you’re launching a technology startup, Instagram is not what you need, at least at the initial stage. In that case, you’d better address to LinkedIn or other professional networks.

For sure, there are some so-called “universal” platforms that can be used for any kind of startup you have. One of them is Facebook. It’s a powerful tool that will help you not only to increase the awareness about your business but also to get the early adopters.

The only thing that you should keep in mind, that the kind of content you post on various platforms should be different, regarding the specific of the platform. And, of course, the post should be made on regular basis. In other words, a content plan is a must.

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#2: Content is still the king

This way of promotion is closely connected to the previous one. Whatever your business is, you should write about it showing your expertise, following the latest news in your industry and simply share the news with your customers.

But keep in mind that for the last time Google search tends to give priorities to the rich content. That means that the post which gives the answers to the concrete questions will be shown first. That is why, before deciding on your content plan try to find out what are the hottest questions in your industry that need to be answered and write exactly on those topics.

Leading a successful content marketing campaign will help you constantly interact with your audience as well as boost the traffic of your web-site.

Just remember that there shouldn’t be a direct advertisement of your product in the articles. On the contrary, in most cases, you won’t even mention about it. It’s because the purpose of content marketing is not to sell directly but to engage and build the relations.

Before making your own content plan, we advise you to read the article How to Plan a Content Marketing Strategy: A Start-to-Finish Guide.

#3: Grow your email and lead list

One more way of promotion that is e-mail marketing. For any kind of business, it’s essential to collect the e-mails of your prosperous customers and turn them into the loyal ones.

The next problem that can arise is how to collect those e-mails. Well, one of the ways to that is to create an e-book or another digital download and give it on your web-site. In this way, you can build brand loyalty and collect the e-mails for free.

For learning more about e-mail marketing, you can read the article A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing.

#4: Make a video

According to the latest researches, visual content is more likely to get shared by the audience. You can easily establish quick but strong relations with you potential customers. The majority of entrepreneurs think that making the video is expensive. But that fact is that it won’t cost you more than a hundred dollars.

If you are looking for advice on how to create your own promo video, look through the article How to Create Your Own Promo Video for Under 100$.

#5: Word-of-mouth

As old as the hills but still effective tool of a promotion is a word-of-mouth. Wherever you go, don’t be afraid to talk about your startup. Every time you visit the event, conference or whatever, you should have a small pitch that will tell about your business. Though, again it shouldn’t sound like an advertisement. Instead of this, tell about the way you came to its invention, what your personal problems it helped to solve and so on.

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#6: Connect with the influencers

Having strong online network relations should be one of the fundamental things in your marketing plan. If you have people who are ready to share your content and your brand just because they like it, it’s awesome.

For sure they won’t start doing that at once. Make them notice you: comment on their posts, share their content with your friends. And don’t forget to include the link to your web-site in the signature at the end of your message.

Here are some useful tips on How to Connect with Influencers on Social Media.

#7: Use the local resources first

One of the easiest ways to get your startup promoted at the initial stage is to use the local community. Ask your friends and family to talk about your startup. Make a number of post on the local Craigslist community. Take part in local Meetups, ask for a few posts in local newspapers and magazines.

As far as it’s your own place, you have much more possibilities there that will require little or no money at all.

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#8: Co-sponsor the events in your niche

Whatever industry you want to hit with your startup, it definitely holds some events and conferences. Thus, you can both takes part in them and co-sponsor such events. It’s a great opportunity to make people know about your product. Usually, it’s not a big deal to find this kind of events and if they are not closed or private, as a rule, they welcome any kind of help.

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So, as you see, you shouldn’t have a million dollars budget for a successful marketing campaign. There are dozens of resources around you that require little or no money at all. Just be persistent and keep on trying!

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