July 27, 2020

It's Always a Good Idea to Meet Your Remote Dev Team

Rodion Salnik

CTO and Co-founder, Brocoders

6 min read

The problem of communication with a remote team is one of the biggest concerns that an entrepreneur may have. However, there is nothing impossible, and due to the current technologies, it’s as easy to be in touch with a person who is sitting in the next room as with the person who is on the other part of the planet. 

Of course, many people may argue that nothing can substitute a face-to-face communication and, let’s face the truth, they are right. For that reason, we’re always delighted when our clients come to Ukraine. In most cases, they prefer to meet in Kiev as it’s a great place not only for the business but also for sightseeing. But, nothing can be better than see our client in our office here in Sumy. 

First of all, for them, it’s an opportunity to see where and how the guys work, solve the issues that require a close communication, talk to the programmers, listen to their feedback, and, in general, learn more about the team.


As for the team, it’s an opportunity to ask the client the questions that require a lot of discussions. Of course, it’s pleasant when the manager praises your work, however, when you hear the pleasant words from the client whose project you’ve been working on for, let’s say, half a year, it’s completely another feeling. 

So, this time we were glad to host Rodi who flew to us from Denver. Though we’ve been working with him for more than a year, it’s the first time when he decided to come. He was here only for one day, because of a tough schedule, but it was a productive day. We asked each other hundreds of questions, discussed the most complex issues and outlined our strategy for the future. 


He said that it was a great experience for him to see how we work, meet with all the team, learn something about Ukraine and its culture, and just have a lot of fun!

No doubt, it’s a beneficial meeting for both parties, and we hope that it will become a tradition for our clients to come to us!

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