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How Brocoders developed a fully-featured platform to help hiring managers and recruiters optimize their workflow

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COMTECH LLC is a leading IT consulting company entrusted by the US Federal Government as well as State and Local Government clients to provide enterprise-grade technology and services solutions.

We managed to come up with fruitful business partnerships with Shailendra Sharma, CEO, and Co-Founder at COMTECH LLC. Since early 2018, we've been combining our efforts to create a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the highest standards of the HR management practices. We are sincerely proud to have a partner that shares our outside-the-box mentality along with a business mindset.

The situation

As one of the top-rated IT companies with a focus on delivering talent acquisition services, COMTECH needed a top-notch software solution to automate critical internal processes and propel their business to the next level.

Shailendra Sharma reached out to Brocoders to engineer a web-driven system that would allow for boosting the overall company's performance. Thanks to our substantial expertise in the software development field, cost-effective approaches and the ability to deliver products under short timelines, we won the client's confidence and trust.

First and foremost, we started with in-depth research of the partner's business processes to acquire insights into the primary challenges and issues we could face during the development phases. Our ground-breaking goal was to deliver the code of competitive quality while following the industry-specific insights and state-of-the-art tech trends.

To see the big picture, we hold a few workshops with the COMTECH team, during which they provided us with additional project documentation and shared their visions of the final product.

Working process

To estimate technical feasibility and define the app's primary functionality, we created a low-fidelity UXPin prototype following the client's technical specifications and business logic. With such a preliminary development model, we could also gather early feedback as well as find the most critical gaps early on.

Based on the prototype and the reviewed data, the Brocoders team's scope of work at the initial stages included the implementation of the following features:

  • Three key user types: Hiring Manager, Recruiter, Candidate
  • Intuitive job searching tools
  • Lightning-fast, interactive UI
  • Informative dashboards
  • Multi-functioning control panel
  • In-built calendar for events and scheduled calls
  • Communication tool (a messenger between recruiters and candidates)
  • Customizable user profiles
  • Bounty Points rewards system

After requirements elicitation, Brocoders went with the agile development methodology to ensure excellent transparency as well as let the COMTECH team to be involved throughout the entire project lifecycle. Given a tight deadline set by the client, the agile-driven scheduled sprints of 1-4 weeks allowed us to deliver the solution within the shortest possible time.


We opted for Figma to develop design patterns that we used to share with the client to acquire their invaluable feedback. On top of that, backed by a multi-year software development expertise that's been polished throughout almost 100 projects, the Brocoders team deployed the following up-to-date technologies:

UI Design

Technologies Logo


Technologies LogoTechnologies Logo


Technologies LogoTechnologies Logo

Admin Panel

Technologies Logo

Two-phase development

Once the design patterns were approved by the COMTECH team, the decision was made to build a smoothly working MVP in order to validate the product idea and attract early adopters. The MVP development took 5-6 months to complete and was finished in the spring of 2019.

After the initial release, the MVP was ready to be tested on end-users, so the COMTECH's plan was to reach the largest possible audience. The client approached our team once again back in the spring of 2020 with an eye to integrate a rich set of additional features.

Based on the target audiences' feedback, our on-site engineers then rolled out a series of bug fixes and improvements, including the integration of a new user type — Super Hiring Manager. The product with a newly revamped efficiency was then ready for the final release stage 4 months later.

Our team

For this project, Brocoders put together a versatile team of seasoned experts with dozens of successful projects under their belts. Our careful attention to detail, along with a client-oriented business approach, allowed us to become a long-term COMTECH's partner, helping them invigorate their employees and customers with a multi-functioning recruiting and talent acquisition software.

Brocoders attached a separate team for each development phase:

MVP development phase

  • Backend engineers

  • Frontend engineer

  • Project manager

  • UI/UX designer

  • QA engineer

Final development phase

  • Frontend engineer

  • Backend engineer

  • QA engineer

  • Project manager

Delivered Solution

To mitigate potential risks and simplify the integration processes, Brocoders held frequent workshops with the COMTECH team. Thanks to our dynamic, collaborative work, the client received a cutting-edge recruiting software that is geared to enhance their business KPIs while reinforcing their position of a reliable IT services provider.

The Skilent Talent Acquisition tool features all the required functionality in compliance with the client's needs. The key benefits of this all-in-one platform include:

  • Quick and easy access to essential information (like job type, applicants' experience, skills, qualifications, location details, work preferences, etc.)
  • Sophisticated search engine to find matching candidates or suitable jobs
  • Data-driven dashboards for all users
  • Rock-solid data security in accordance with industry standards, including GDPR
  • Improved and automated HR processes — scheduling, data management, etc.
  • Bounty points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards (available for recruiters or candidates who bring in new candidates)

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User personas

The resulting web solution comprises three major user types, each with its own functionality features:

Hiring Manager can:

Currently, the Manager can set up an account using the emails with specific domains only, since the platform works solely within the infrastructure of COMTECH LLC.

Manager profile

After the confirmation procedure, the Manager can fill in a profile and invite Recruiters. A standard user cannot create a Recruiter account by himself.

Invitation to the system

The Manager can create job requisitions and write an accurate and convincing job description to attract the best candidates. The jobs are divided into four types:

  • Opened
  • On hold
  • Closed
  • Expired

Job requisition

The Manager can create a list of customers for whom the talent acquisition services will be applied (candidates searching). Clients may be either internal (COMTECH) or external ones (other companies, such as Google or Amazon).

The Manager can use a calendar to add new events or leave a note about the time he would be unavailable for interviews, to name a few. The calendar is visible to the Manager and the Recruiters from his team. Recruiters can arrange job interviews for upcoming events using the Manager's calendar.

Using a dashboard, the Manager can acquire relevant statistics and information on the Recruiters from his team, such as:

  • The total number of Recruiters
  • The total number of opened, closed or on-hold job status
  • Top 5 Recruiters in closed jobs
  • The total number of closed jobs for a particular customer

Manager dashboard

Recruiter can:

An invitation from the Manager is the only way for the Recruiter to join the platform. The Recruiter joins "the particular team" of the Manager who sent the invitation. The Recruiter can see the list of job requisitions assigned to him by the Manager. The Recruiter can keep track of all the Candidates that are in the system and perform a search using required filters.

Candidate searching page

The Recruiter can attract, select and appoint the Candidate only for the job requisitions that were assigned to him by the Manager beforehand. Once the Candidate accepts the job, the Recruiter can approve the job application and start a chat with the Candidate, after which he can set up an interview with the Manager.

Using a dashboard, the Recruiter can view the rating of the top 5 Recruiters from his team. Recruiters can also analyze statistics on either closed or opened jobs that they are working on at the moment.

Recruiter dashboard

Candidate can:

Any user can create a Candidate account, fill in the personal data and upload his CV to a user profile. The Candidate can view the list of available jobs and keep track of his own job applications.

Candidate profile

The Candidate can search for jobs using various filters, mark the suitable positions as well as apply for a job. Before the Candidate can move on to the next stage, the Recruiter must approve the job application in the first place.