Gym software development services

We create digital solutions that help gym owners and trainers expand their business and attract new customers.

Solutions We Can Provide for Your Studio or Gym

Adapt your services and products to the current landscape of the fitness industry.

Engage members with activity tracking

  • Show progress to encourage clients to visit more
  • Collect data from various wearables and sensors
  • Offer data analysis, visualization, and recommendations

Motivate people to exercise via gamification

  • Blend gaming elements & serious fitness (e-games, VR, other playful activities)
  • Add game-like rewards for accomplishments

Synchronize workouts inside and outside the gym

  • Share outdoor and in-home workouts with members
  • Synchronize results from gym training and non-gym activities

Help coaches organize & digitalize their programs

  • Offer remote coaching/mentoring for individuals and fitness groups
  • Include nutrition advice and food logs

Connect to smart gym equipment

  • Send usage reports from treadmills, bikes, and other equipment
  • Help users improve their performance based on their stats

Manage member relationships and data in gym CRM

  • Automate your business processes to save time and money
  • Track classes, payments, and membership data in one place

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Who We Can Help

Build your app with Brocoders based on your special requirements:

Wellness studios owners

Bring a holistic wellness experience to your members. Give your clients the digital tools to thrive and maintain both physical and mental wellbeing in new, unconventional ways.

Fitness club owners

You can easily distinguish your club from traditional facilities - make digital experiences an extension of your gym. We’ll build you an app around your client-centric values, convenience, and accessibility.

Coaches and mentors

Create a better product tailored to clients, especially those who are driven to be more aware of their health, fitness, and wellness. Give them access to niche specialists and a sense of belonging to a community.

How We Work

Here is how we structure our development process:

  • Our first steps include:

    • Learning about business
    • Establishing what type of service matches your needs
    • Drawing up an approximate timeline
  • Then we need to understand the requirements and expectations for your product by:

    • Conducting in-depth business research
    • Analyzing your target audience and competition
    • Defining your product-market fit
    • Reviewing your existing technologies to see if they suit the API/service policy
  • Now is the time to build. The tasks at this stage include:

    • Assembling the team - business analysts, a project manager, designers, developers, QAs
    • Arranging the development and integration phases
  • Once the required functionality is implemented, we begin:

    • Compatibility, security, UI, and performance checks
    • User testing and collecting feedback
  • Let’s publish the project! This includes:

    • Getting the approval to release
    • Submitting the app and uploading promotional materials to online stores
  • We continue working even after your audience starts using the product:

    • Provide product maintenance and support
    • Plan and implement enhancements

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