Single point access to a network of small air carriers

About the project

The creators of the service realized how hard it is to look through a great number of the web-sites of airport companies and find the one which suits them the most. That is why they decided to create one service where the companies can place the flights they propose with the number of free places and other detailed information.

Key features

  • Book tickets from different companies to various destination using one platform.
  • Buy tickets at a lower price.
  • Attract more customers to your airlines.

Case study

The user's wokflow can be described in the following way:

The user can sign up to the service through their social network account.

Once the user has signed in, they can start searching for a suitable flight, mentioning the type of the trip and the date.

Having mentioned the parameters, the user will be shown the variants of flight that are the most suitable for them. They can also point out the number of seats that they need (the available number is shown in the brackets above) and book the tickets.

In order to pay for the tickets, the user should enter their card number and other details. The payment is carried out through the Stripe payment system.

Clicking on the Dashboard, the user can see the booked tickets and the detailed information about them.

The operator can edit their profile, adding any relevant information.

The operator can create a flight, pointing out the flight details (airports, time, number of seats available, frequency of the flight, etc.).

The operator can also see the list of flights and edit or delete them.

It's also possible to see the flights schedule in a calendar format.

The operator is also able to manage the users' orders.​​​​​​​

Clicking on the dashboard the operator can see the detailed information about all the flights available on the service.​​​​​​​

We used Ruby on Rails to develop the service.


Ruby on Rails



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