A collaborative platform for product teams to cover beta tests

About the project

Betaloop - is the service that can be used for new web-sites and apps beta tests as well as to collect the data about technical, design and usability aspects. Due to it, when the tester is leaving a feedback, the program makes a screenshot and lets the tester leave the comments to different parts of the page right on the screenshot. The service also allows to create issues about the feedbacks on GitHub, due to a deep GitHub integration.

Key features

  • Collaborate with your team and discuss the issues with the testers without leaving the app.
  • Easily manage the beta testers even without creating the accounts.
  • Integrate feedback form the beta testers into product development cycles using a deep GitHub integration and label GitHub issues without leaving BetaLoop.

Case study

The user's workflow can be described in the following way:

In order to start working with the service the user should Sign Up through their e-mail address or a GitHub account.

To start testing the user should create a new project, submitting the project's name and its URL.

Once the project has been created, the user is able to add collaborators and invite testers to the project.

The user can invite the collaborators that are already registered in the syste, choosing from the list or invite new collaborators through their e-mail address.

For inviting a tester, the user should mention to which project they are invited and submit their e-mail address.

The testers are able to leave comments to the parts of the site as well as attach screenshots.

We used Ruby on Rails for back-end and React.js for front-end to develop the service.


Ruby on Rails



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