Connecting home health practitioners to patients

About the project

The idea of EarlyHive came to Lindsey Winder and Gabriel Yarra in 2015 after Lindsey, a speech therapist in New York city's early intervention program, recognized a particular pain point in the process of how cases in an early intervention were matched with the therapists they desperately needed.

Key features

  • Easy to know about new early child cases that fit therapist’s expertise and current location.
  • Suitable workflow to schedule and manage with appointments and visits to patients.
  • One centralized place to keeping all patient cases and records.

Case study

There are two types of users: coordinators and providers (therapists).

The user's workflow can be described in the following way:

Creating their own profile, the user should submit their personal data, description of their experience, name of the agency, the disciplines they work with, languages they speak, etc.

Providers schedule their available time of the sessions.

Therapists choose a preferable area for them to work in.

Providers look through the available cases in their area.

To accept the case providers click and drag their weekly sessions on the client's availability and confirm their application.

Providers are also able to see their ongoing cases with their location on the map.

We used Ruby on Rails and Angular.js to develop this service. Additionally, we handled integration with Google Maps API to connect the therapists to their neighborhood.


Ruby on Rails


Google Maps

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