Order Management System

Optimize your order routine and keep deals with your buyers in one centralized place

About the project

The service of the Order Management System enables fast and easy monitoring of the whole life cycle of selling process. The company needs clear and effective cooperation with manufacturers. Meanwhile, they also need to make the delivery of the watches to the customer fast and effective. For this there are numerous steps to be done: check the quality of the product and its compliance with client's requirements, track the process of shipment and payment, deal with product catalogs and decide on prices for the clients, monitor the time of the delivery. All these processes take a great deal of time, require additional expenses, and lead to hassle workflow with delays, lost or mixed up documents, etc. In order to eliminate the possible problems, increase the efficacy of the business and minimize the expenses and possible mistakes, the selling process should be centralized.

Key features

  • Keeps product details and pictures in one place.
  • Constantly tracks incoming orders.
  • Easily monitors payment and delivery processes.


We started our work with the client from prototyping the idea. The tool we used for prototyping was Balsamiq.

Case study

There are several types of users in the system: an admin, a supplier, a customer, a customers' accounting manager (CAM), a suppliers' accounting manager (SAM), an accounting manager, a shipping manager, that are closely connected and constantly interact with each other.

The user's workflow can be described in the following way:

The supplier needs to sign up and create the profile.

To create a new offer the user submits the necessary information about the item they want to sell.

After being submitted the offer can be seen on the dashboard in the list of the supplier's offers.

A Customers' accounting manager (CAM) is a person that is responsible for certain customers. They send the invitations to the customers to join the service and get information about matches between customer's request and supplier's order.

CAM is able to view the detailed description of the offer and the request. If they see that they match completely, CAM sends an offer to the customer.

A suppliers' accounting manager (SAM) is a person responsible for a certain supplier. SAM can manage the offers created by the suppliers. They also can edit the information about the suppliers and add the information about the delivery.

An accounting manager monitors the receipts that are attached to the items and edits the information about the payments.

An accounting manager can also print out the information about the orders in a PDF format.

A shipping manager monitors the process of delivery. They receive the information from SAM when the item should be sent, order a delivery for a particular day and fill in all the data about the process of delivery.

To organize the delivery, a shipping manager needs to fill in a delivery form.

An admin can create the accounts for CAM, SAM, a shopping manager and an accounting manager.

We used Ruby on Rails and React.js to develop this service.


Ruby on Rails
Digital Ocean



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