Enhance your Fitness App with leading services’ data: Google Fit, Strava, and more

We offer integrations with the top fitness services via an API, including Google Fit and Apple Health Kit. The only thing standing between you and a powerful app is a quick consultation. Let’s chat!

Why should you integrate?

Perhaps your app is already great – but by connecting to a leading fitness service via an API,it can be phenomenal. Here's why you shouldn't skip out on one:

Get new customers

Apple Health and Google Fit advertise apps on their homepages, thus putting eyes where you want them: on your amazing product.

Expand your reach

By integrating with a fitness service, you can access a whole new market – wearables. Accessibility for smart watches will broaden your reach significantly.

Leverage new data

When you connect your app to a fitness service like Google Fit or Strava via API, you'll get access to large amounts of valuable data – without any additional development costs.

Increase app engagement

Your app can connect to hundreds of other leading health and wellness apps via API, thus boosting your clients’ engagement and providing them with a better user experience.

Want to enrich your fitness app with accurate data?

Choose an integration

Brocoders has deep experience working with several leading fitness services. Choose one according to the data and services you need.

Google Fit

  • Nutrition data
  • Sleep data
  • Activity data
  • Health data, including blood pressure and blood sugar levels

Garmin Health

  • Heart rate data
  • Stress scores
  • Activity data
  • Sleep data
  • Body composition
  • Respiration
  • Pulse oxidation


  • Club activities
  • Route data
  • Race data
  • Athlete data
  • Activity data
  • Heart rate data
  • Social sharing

Oura Cloud

  • Sleep duration
  • Readiness scores
  • Activity data
  • Bedtime data

Amazon Halo

  • Body composition
  • Activity data
  • Tone analysis
  • Sleep data

Apple Health Kit

  • Activity data
  • Medical records
  • Data on environmental sound levels
  • Menstrual cycle tracking
  • Sleep data
  • Heart rate data
  • Health data, including fiber intake and blood pressure
Google Fit

How we work

  • We'll go over:

    • Preliminary information on your app and business
    • Which service is ideal for your application
    • Who your point-of-contact will be
    • How long the integration will take
  • We'll conduct:

    • Research related to your app and business
    • An analysis of your competitors and target audience
    • An analysis of whether your app meets the API's requirements
  • During integration:

    • Software engineers and the project manager will get to work
    • We'll complete the development cycle
  • We want to make sure that the integration went smoothly! We'll:

    • Test interactions
    • Ensure code compliance with the API's requirements
    • Check performance, security, and functionality
  • Almost done! We will:

    • Upload the app to the app store(s)
    • Ensure the approval
  • It doesn't end there; after the app launches, we will:

    • Provide ongoing support
    • Conduct maintenance

Ready to make your fitness app more effective?


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Will there be additional fees for using services like GoogleFit, Strava, etc.?
Can my app collect data from clients' fitness trackers on its own?

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